Wake up, daddy’s looking for you’: Creepy hacker accesses baby monitor and speaks to frightened tot at night


Mum and dad left distraught after sick hacker spied on their three-year-old through their baby monitor


A horrified couple have revealed how a sick hacker gained remote access to their baby monitor, then spied on their toddler son and spoke to him as he lay in his cot.

The child’s terrified parents only realised what was happening when they heard a stranger’s voice coming over the device saying : “Wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”

The mother then broke down in tears as the penny dropped the monitor and its camera had been remotely hacked.

Her shocking discovery came after the three-year-old had been complaining that somebody was talking to him at night.

The parents, who want to remain anonymous for fear the hacker might track them down, thought it was down to the toddler’s overactive imagination until they heard the voice themselves.

The mum told CBS New York.: “I started to cry in there, because it all started coming back to me, and I started figuring things out.”

Technology experts are now warning parents that new baby monitors are at risk of hacking as many connect to the internet.

Worried mums and dads are being urged to change passwords and security settingsto make it harder for sinister strangers to infiltrate their child’s bedroom.

In a chilling warning Lance Ulanoff, chief correspondent for the digital media website Mashable, said when hackers succeed: “It’s basically like they’re standing next to you in your house.”

This is not the first time parents have found hackers remotely accessing baby monitors.

In November last year, hacked footage from baby monitors, webcams and CCTV systems in Britain were broadcast live by a Russian website.

And earlier this year a nanny described the terrifying moment she heard a stranger’s voice from her baby monitor calling the little girl “cute.


This Student Is Making £20,000 A Week With A Simple Website


This savvy student decided that being skint in university is not an option, and is currently making over £20,000 a week with a very simple idea.

It’s not even his original concept, but fair play to him for reviving it and absolutely raking it in. So, the idea?

Well, he’s restarted the ‘one million pixel’ website and called it Milliondollarbillboard.club. Basically, it works by offering one million pixels to companies as advertising space costing a measly $1 per pixel.

And if this sounds all too familiar, that’s probably because you already know about the Million Dollar Homepage that netted Alex Tew $1 million back in 2005.

Richard, however, is taking it that extra step further and offering companies actual billboard space in major cities if all of his pixels sell – as a way to say thank you for buying into his marketing scheme.

And I can’t see that taking too long, as he’s already making around $20,000 (£13,000) a week, with one advertiser buying a whopping 8K pixels.

We expect others to follow suit – and wish Richard the best of luck!